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SHR hair removal

SHR hair removal
Conventional hair removal machine was a one shot per second speed, LUMIX-TWIN enables 10 shots per second continuous irradiation.
Theoretically, compared to conventional machines, enabling operation at the speed of 10 x.
For irradiation area and irradiation faster treatment time quickly and time! And SHR method hair heat generation and processing to not need not to treatment with the hair growth cycle.
If you go back to normal skin treatment is possible, because hair loss at a rate of once a month.

Sensitive skin OK!
SHR mode is a brand-new hair removal system that irritate hair follicles with light energy to hair loss.
It becomes possible to demonstrate the hair loss effects in contrast to the traditional hair removal methods, rather than melanin in hair follicles to target weak energy is sufficient.
At this time no pain such as pain and heat.
Hair loss while adoption of water-cooled copper with luxurious skin cooling.

Wherever flesh!
LUMIX-TWIN SHR benefit regardless of skin color or quality that is raised.
Therefore it is possible treatments for hair resting stage of skin, tanned skin, and the hair growth cycle (a condition not yet grows hair), Mole, wheeled around the breasts.
In addition to extensively bruised and age spots, such as people who have confidence in your hair loss is possible.

Breakthrough hair loss!
Hair loss with a mechanism quite different from conventional hair removal machines are installed in Lumix-TWI SHR SHR mode.
An important point is not to stimulate melanin pigment. The downy hair and blonde all hair quality and skin to accommodate.
Specializes in facial and other delicate parts.

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SHR hair removal treatment landscape
It is scenery of SHR practitioner. After check detail shaving of hair gel we have focused on painting.