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Current open 13 years with Japan waksarsproduction certified trainers for wax hair removal
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False eyelashes

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Eyelash extensions
Eyelash extensions choose installation method with an extensive menu.
3D rush Wilsher's slimming industry 0.05 mm extensions, delicate lashes one more than this installation to the latest technology. Natural durability, and reduces the burden on your own eyelashes also.
Let us advise you eyelashes and your needs the best.

Provides the gorgeous yearning eyes natural false eyelashes is not enough.


Three installation methods
For lashes a single rush, a 3D layer for one 2-6 books, senbon Sakura 6-fitted 9. Advice will be optimally tailored to your wishes and lashes.

Single rush


Single rush will choose either "luxury premium mink" or "high-quality Sable" extension.
With single lashes will installing extensions of one obtains hair, skin-friendly and familiar to the Japanese and world patent, sustainability and safety of combining glue (adhesives)!
Veteran owner honed their skills with all my heart, will be in charge.
You have until the glue can be used also for sensitive skin with the hair soft, excellent stability of Carl.
Have a design suitable for your eyes and lashes, lifestyle thought together, we will design.

3D layer
0.05delivers a staggering fine of mm & lightness!
Around the world, hot topic's big break in advanced and finally Japan landing high-quality techniques!
Industry one of the extensions of 0.05 mm thin, delicate eyelashes 1 continue this with more than one.
Much is naturally lighter and softer than Eyelash extensions ever. Without any discomfort, high sustainability on half load to your own eyelashes here.
In the lashes are weak and suffering, can produce is the unprecedented sense of volume.
Let us advise you, best design for your needs or your own eyelashes.

Choose volume!
3D layer can be mounted on the volume of your choice. One in two (2d) to six (6 D) from the volume of your choice! Volume ever Eyelash extensions in the glitz could even appreciate it!

Different thickness, weight and volume.
Artificial hair used latest techniques 3D layer is a volume of about one-ninth of 0.05 mm. It is a world top thickness 0.05 mm narrow of artificial hair.
And check the size numbers only 0.05 mm x 3 =0.15mm image that you have many in fact 0.05 mm × 9 =0.15mm. [Please see here* Please see the from your PC, Smartphone

Senbon Sakura
Can be mounted at the same time as traditional Eyelash extension 100 1000, senbon Zakura, both eyes can be 1000 treatment. Techniques for normal and mixed, mix technique than to mix in a bunch of different length extensions, I quickly finished a gorgeous image.

Peace of mind even when lightly even though the volume is lifted, a natural soft, so wipe the face with a towel. Please try senbon Zakura technology.
Eyelash curl
The delicate craft to lash oneSplendeurBecause of that. Impression of the eye turns surprisingly flexible curls and volume.
Treatment once in 30 days-the last 45 days.


The beautiful eyes
Eyelash curl concept

SplendeurThe staff has mastered the beautician's license and has registered as a beauty Institute, registered Salon.
We have the high-tech, secure, beautiful colors of your eyelashes.SplendeurSo take care of your delicate eyes and eyelashes that will curl politely while one.
Among dozens of different Silicon lot long lashes, and your eyes and realize the ideals of Karl, orientation, please choose a lot fit perfect so. As well as other kink fix are available.
Adjust the curls to your liking and 1 book 1 to continue making this response in the natural finish.
Under the eyelashes curl at the more more clear impression.
With a full treatment. Complete set of top and bottom too!

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