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Splendeur, supporter of beauty Eyelash, beauty salon, hair loss, such as various

Now in its 15th year of opening, wax hair removal by certified trainers of Japan Waxers Production
Experience like no other with SHR hair removal the most recent menu


* Prices are listed price
Splendeur, made at a regular salon "painting," no other "wash-off" offer primary facial course.
Cleaning clogged pores and dead skin, leaving the skin soft original.


Reset skin had centered on Okinawa Este organic EST
Okinawa pampering in the hotel salon, Tursun and mainly the practitioner also organic EST.
Educational method to reset Okinawa facial skin.
Facials and "wash" in normal "paint, put" and is quite the opposite of "wash-off" is caring for the main.
Properly remove the lowered metabolism is not easily slough off dead skin and clogged pores, it leads to the real skin.
Usually Milky lotion and cream, be sure and pretty much contains the surfactants or emulsifying agents, we are considering skin, are used for all that oil.
(Please do not use fragrances, colourings, no)

Okinawa Camilla Este
Main component of pine Yani shine skin skin rebirth "Camilla" the old calloused skin is removed, remove ubu毛 of the face and hair.

Remove greasy dirt in pores open pores warms face stimulates blood circulation, improves metabolism, so will be easier through the hair, and at the same time. The sedative effect of water supply and skin moisturizing, so recommended for after tanning.

After the Pack really slick, it becomes smooth. Many customers say "color is white skin was a"acne goes well'?
Highly moisturizing effect are characteristic.




STEP1The Counseling
Create a skin check medical records. The proposal more suitable treatments.

Step2The Cleansing, warming
There are many great grain water steam, the firm scrimped on dirt in pores to clean skin.
Let me upload the skin temperature and blood circulation, actively! Pull out the effects of facial massage.

STEP3The Facial decollete
From your face gently massage until the chest, a healing moment.
Facial lines are clear.

STEP4The Peeling
Use only lime John peels.
Removes the dead skin dry can cause problems such as wrinkles, spots gently and safely.

STEP5The Amino serum lotion
Neutralized with alkali and acidic skin, promote skin formation giving amino acids.
Awakens the skin by UP to and earn their own living, had to give up old acne marks, Tan.

STEP6The Delivery mask
Attract plenty of fresh oxygen mask on the skin to encourage the take a deep breath.
It leads to a clear skin and rejuvenates your skin, stimulates metabolism and cellular wastes discharged due to earn their own living, and reduce the skin toned.

STEP7The ヒト幹細胞

STEP8The Anti-aging essences
Due to the special technology formulated with high beauty ingredient 36 different concentration extract essence lotion.
Given a bouncy firmness and elasticity and moisture, "also out dust marshmallow-like skin" to and leads.

STEP9The Foundation
Beauty liquid color UV protects the skin from UV rays, while luxury with a moisturizing finish.
Take care of your skin adjust to the color of your choice. Smooth and produces a healthy and glowing skin is moisturized.

Camilla Este course guide
Consisting of Okinawa marine deep water natural mineral-rich oil based cosmetic products used and for healthy skin skin originally protection with the normalization of moisture and the skin.
[Effect] high water retention and moisturizing emollients calluses and anti-inflammatory effect and effect small face-whitening effect

We will remove the warm WAX cosmetic composition containing little by little incorporate your face on exfoliates, downy hair and facial ticks. After she's in.
[Effect] pore cleaning, exfoliation, metabolism UP and moisturizing and whitening effect

Little by little incorporate onto your face warm WAX Camilla facial standard as well as a beauty ingredient exfoliates and fuzz face mites then incorporate while pulling up from under the Royal Jelly into warm WAX, warmed up in a steamer will be lifted up.
Egg skin smooth your face after pulling up.
[Effect] pore cleaning, exfoliation, metabolism UP and moisturizing and whitening effect

Camilla Facial Special 90 minutes ~ ( usually 8,800 yen × 10 times) deals number of times ticket. By continuing to operate, you will be reborn in a fine skin with a sense of transparency.
[Effect] pore cleaning, exfoliation, metabolism UP and moisturizing and whitening effect


Bridal Esthetics
"This budget is what I...."
"You want to improve the skin...."
"For the time being, the wedding before 1 facial want to be...."
Splendeur wedding beauty treatment is
Each request so the bride's
We will meet.


1day courses

1Day turns into a beautiful bride! We meet on the original menu.
At the last minute in time yet! 1 day intensive white beauty (150 min)
Online Guide: wedding 3-7 days / visit count: 1
"Good without the time, but I did! "That many brides
Their hard work, the reward for healing and beauty. Smooth skin in overlooking the ceremony!

【ヒト幹細胞培養液フェイシャル ~ デコルテ ~ うなじと背中のブラジリアンワックス脱毛】
(1) there are many great grain water steamer, while skin-friendly gel cleansing to make off.
(2) in the ocean deep water gel, along the lymph in your face, neck and décolleté massage. Refresh tired shoulders and neck until properly massaged, accumulated and CORI!
(3) enzyme of silk and keratin proteins unnecessary.
(4) Pack of Co2


Online Guide: wedding 3-7 days / visit count: 1



Intensive care facial and décolleté in the beautiful bride. 3 times


To the face, neck and nape of the neck and back can be a perfect bride 5th course

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