- To all the women on "shine" -

Splendeur, supporter of beauty Eyelash, beauty salon, hair loss, such as various

Current open 13 years with Japan waksarsproduction certified trainers for wax hair removal
Experience like no other with SHR hair removal the most recent menu
General incorporated association Japan prowaksars Academy
1 certified instructor workshops
Okayama-5 days was successfully completed😊

Academic training and examination in the beauty and deep extremes
Technical training is adhering to the hand-made made in Japan
Peace of mind products of Materia...💙[Takumi road]💙

Image Brazilian and wax, "hurt"😅
Is this Wax is a surprise‼
Your whiskers to feel the pain and the Brazilian is a pretty good news! ~😍😍😍

Day and evening lecture-lol
Is everyone serious about learning and play😄
Giving a 5-day learning opportunities
Our teacher very much,

Tonight is a local ball I got introduced to the teacher "also was cause ' at the Hachinohe team‼
Horse sashimi is delicious ~😍😍😍
Also I treat the cause, thank you‼
Okayama best💕💕💕

From now on, return to the Morioka✈
New [worthy ways] to Wax and enjoy ~💕💕💕