Black cat is cat.

Lock on the black cat's upturned eyes😍

OBI Clematis and the black cat's love was love at first sight-❤
Clematis(Wire)The flower is a beauty of the spirit in
This summer I tighten this band in Indigo dyeing yukata,
We go a-paranoia😅

The bride help squad

This morning, you wake up in the iPhone ringtone vibe
It was from to see the screen, and the day before yesterday was wedding existe Y!

I think what happened
"Y, Orchestra? Today, not wedding? '
Then in y, half crying State.
"Yesterday, extensions on waterproof mascara, images associated with it(≧ ∀ ≦)
I'm not applying lashes(Crying)It's like lashes ~(Crying)

Sensing the situation, "now the Morioka right? Now, you should be able to shop? Was what equation is? '

Still half sleepy, crossCheck suppin jumping out the House, to the shop-
Soon, Y-Chan, come visit us.

The half-crying bride
Was the long-awaited wedding ruined(≧ ∀ ≦)

I was stuck with a waterproof mascara, stuck between the extensions()
I think the extensions off cleansing oil that
Sad last night that it is likely to sleep(T-t)

So was the rescue of the morning!
Confirm the time go to the shop
Somehow going to relief(≧ ∀ ≦)

Whats to mending, Eyelash hair shampoo to cleanse in beautiful ^ ^
Yes! Restored to good-good-good(^ o ^)

Earlier, from the Y Chan
"This morning we really really really... Thank you very much
Thanks, was really fun and happy wedding "
And parental love LINE, relieved feel relieved that I was ^ ^

Was happening, but watching a happy bride,
So happy I eventually fill up.
Thank you-it is * /(^ o ^)/*

* Is it the day before at a wedding pure white dress and get ready for the senior teacher mascara was like.
Too natural, and inconsiderate of me? f ^ _ ^;
Wait even a hair shampoo provided, good!

Wild series part 3

After a long time at my parents ' House I
The azalea garden is in full bloom💕💕💕
Azaleas are pink-red-purple-blooming white in order to it is likely to😊
So, white azaleas, yet what is‼

This morning from the expert mountain and charged Udo
So Mt. Udo was a soft texture?⁉Impressed with❤

But tonight was a classic with vinegar sauce
After all, I wanted to eat stir-fried! ~😅
Thanks to Iwate Univ.✨✨✨
Food is our😊

Exhibiting 2017

5/17 Each year participated in the annual "exhibiting 2017".

Bother you, purely Wax manufacturer, cool Labs booth
Felt genuine!

False eyelashes booth but then freeze status(¯ ∇ ¯)
Volume Extel products also changed, and
Connoisseur's eye becomes a point, line or...
Look touching and convincing until manufacturers are going to questions(≧ ∀ ≦)

Guests have plenty of souvenirs w
From now on, return to the Morioka-

Mother's day gifts

From a daughter working in Tokyo, on mother's day!( Be: ')

My favorite chocolate with P-CHAN

After a long time has been dating, Ginza and daughter(*^ ▽ ^ *)
Back to the hotel from a long night.
This is the beginning of machine gun & Strawberry & bomb talk!

Girls? To talk with a
This ~ ~
Natural LAWSON, fun food.-I breasts

Emergency? Snack?

I picked from the P-CHAN family home
One of the Aomori old fashioned sweets "drying up rice cakes".

And the "drying up rice cakes"?
Dried and 結ete with the string off after you put the water in the rice cake with a kneading for fermentation, what is
I risk a month or so cold outside in the frigid!

The taste is not particularly with
It's slightly sweet nature.
The texture softer rice crackers,
Crackers should be about, not hard
Strange texture!

Casa I shall arise, since moisture is Kore!
Have become hardened to the fossil black garlic, shiitake mushrooms and then drips of hot water.

On the axis of the mushroom flavor, packed with plenty of
This portion of hot water often is love from childhood(Children changed did(¯ ∇ ¯))
And happens to be fossilized remains of black garlic is alligned properly,
It's not healthy?

When snack(*^ ▽ ^ *)
Naïve lol

Wax off domestically.

General incorporated association JPWA
Prowaksars Academy of Japan
Tokyo technical seminars 5/14-5/16 Roppongi

Hair loss WAX-artisan way domestically-want midou

Made in Japan like people all over the world!

Think, think only of your treatment will be given after your skin thoroughly considered and made
You can't [artisan way: such a great WAX, though not accompanied by technical and provide the best treatment.

For that!

For in Okayama seminar last month continue to refine your skills as a waxer
Become a neat technology instructor
Tokyo technical workshop to have participated.

Customers can be treated in that, no way.
6Is started from the middle of the month(*^ ▽ ^ *)

I feel the same with hair loss WAX-Takumi road-want to offer our customers!
Want to become a provaccer! Those who thought
Please contact us we will back on the system firmly.

Wild series part 2

5/11 From the expert and wish happiness has arrived(*^ ▽ ^ *)

Leverages its bitterness, boiled
Simply I tried sprinkling salted kelp and dashi soy sauce!

Taste of my favorite spring "and wish happiness '
The distinctive smell addictive,
Tonight though, Japan proceed-
Treat customers!( Be: ')

Wild series part 1

5/10 I received a good Talib(*^ ▽ ^ *)
But I wanted to make Tempura
Tonight I Fisher-priced!
Seasoning, stamina Source sauce (lol)
Japan proceed-
Thank you for the season and savoring the feast!( Be: ')

wax mustache hair

Visit us today for K
2Thank you for your first visit,(*^ ▽ ^ *)
Wax mustache hair loss since the last is hooked up ^ ^

That razor shaves every morning and evening becomes a blue beard.
Yet after you wax it last 2 weeks self without processing the
Even after 3 weeks
It seems to not care so much about hair volume.

No time is wasted, really helpful(*^ ▽ ^ *)
And thrilled and exhausted to treatment.

Are we stretched, 6th State.
1Treatment completion I had time.
Clean smooth! Skin care are ready at the same time,
Even small face! And surprise,
In situ, in her email I was sent-(*^ ▽ ^ *)