- To all the women on "shine" -

Splendeur, supporter of beauty Eyelash, beauty salon, hair loss, such as various

Current open 13 years with Japan waksarsproduction certified trainers for wax hair removal
Experience like no other with SHR hair removal the most recent menu
Even now, a 12-year-old,
Real estate popular Salon menu😊

Guests, dressed in our
There are many great while using grain water steamer
Massage your face and neck.
While healing music
(Great grain water), wrapped in the negative ion
It is very good😍

Then, pack of charcoal and pine Yani, facial mites and will remove the old dead skin and lanugo.

Next in line is in Royal Jelly Pack
Lift up your face!

In Okinawa after the hot wax and cold deep sea water gel

W-like wedding West course,
Siasia holiday time!
To wake up more and more in beautiful up😉👌

Try and experience the finest healing ~ ~😊

Pack of pine Yani and charcoal

Royal Jelly Pack