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About myself is...
P-CHAN's parents went to his grave, from being married to that tray for the first time in😊

I was raised in a Christian University as the Obon events totally your rim was a mysterious experience interested curious😄

Misawa home, was to offering something like this⤵

Seeing both sides put into the cucumber and eggplant, but chopsticks 4 with legs? "pupu.💦Food and fun too ~😁"And I thought😅

What for?⁉
And search P-CHAN

Horse's cucumber garnish

Do cow's ornament

It is indicative.

To welcome the ancestors and say why you like this has in the form of an animal, sometimes on horseback, coming soon! ~💓

During the back to ride the bull, it slowly while enjoying the scenery on the way back to💓

Let beef offerings there, please-with so we have to😊

Think you already know that.
Also, one the wiser now! ~😅
Japan Customs is funny!😁

Next year is a horse like Genie (, UMA) Let's make up?⁉⤵

The band sound of the Bremen😁