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Misawa's famous "rose baked' to eat after a family visit with P-CHAN and his son Shota" red goodwill ' to move😊

Is a specialty of the original rose won the B-class gourmet‼

So I go J Soul Brothers ELLY also born in Misawa, eat well and is food for the soul of the Misawa😁

After the "rose baked' is now, your grave‼
It was a drizzly cold day ~😭
Grave, the suhool baseball two years ago it was joined with coater-slightly Takuma go I got-💓

After his grave.
Visit P-CHAN's garlic drying shed😊

2I now have a nice L-class seed garlic-💓
The seeded 9 / P-CHAN,😊

We made toast at Misawa specialty burdock Tempura shrimp at night.😄