- To all the women on "shine" -

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The next day is a visit P-CHAN's friends😊

In our wedding speech
Place lol? Laughing? The elbowing at Namioka's was overpriced.

Liquor store there. Took off the😁👌

Visit the incense agemashitara,
On the altar and wonder what was then offering🤔

Namioka-San, "or what is it? "And, or"Lotus stem'‼
Ancestors, this Lotus stalks to stick, so I come to😊

Get lecture here at the Convention of various Bon Misawa, also, a bit smarter? The Morioka came back.😅

Have touched on the spirit of respect to ancestors and asked the meaning of all things Japanese.
Almost gone stiff💓It was the summer holidays and😊