Nowadays men's hair loss situation (artist version)

The other day, "amtek! Beauty first artiste '
It attracted headlines, take a look at video (whether now's video is correct⁉That is the😅)

Comedy performers, their commitment⁉
I was doing the beauty😁

The zigzag knob this is instead the beauty. It was interesting to😁

Dark mechamechahighe hard to understand because you're makeup on TV, but it seems‼
1 monthly care Iwao's equivalent of the football hour turn blue, so it seems I got the-😊

Icing in Nobu's😅
I know who I am anymore💦

Robert Baba-Chan.
Beard is awsome
It seems I'm hair legs and armpits and belly,‼

When you sleep alone without leg hair
I'm over the legs, do not miss💓とか⁉(Lol)

Even the knob is, thick, POV,
When there is a brief work in a wide variety of
As seen from behind, and extends beyond the brief (Nobu's of expression I'm ~💦)
Black Rock climbing I like!
You want hair loss hair volume, so also your POV and what😄

In Mr./Ms. Kinoshita TKO, no longer under the hair is all it seems‼

Hair loss situation of performers who, we are progressing so far‼

Our men are suffering from "hair"‼
Come and consult us in splendour! ~
All hair experts
So please consult us
First of all, your phone😊

Men's hair removal splendor

Men's splendor pre-open.😉

本日 2017/8/24(Gold) Mendssplandourple opened😊

Splendor is open since 12 years.
There are plenty of beautiful women, instructions
I was in the beautiful woman's husband, son, boyfriend's customers☺

Therefore, our response to your request and
Became to open mendssplandour.

Will be in charge of the Lord(Commonly known as P-CHAN)です!

Some age.
Are we in terms of service in this industry, it is
Financial services-and experience real estate
The DIY hobbyist.
Beyond taste, black garlic made from the production.
What can I say😅
It is quite knowledgeable Home(Lol)

With nagging description or even the
Seriously, in good faith and chitin meet our customer needs is willing to☺

Suitable for today is a new beginning, one 10,000 times,😄✌
Good head‼
Hello, please could💕

* Under renewal, see the hot pepper beauty site menus and prices.

SHR hair removal popular

Since there were only private NATA recently
Here is a little serious to talk about treatment.😊

5Is introduced from see SHR (anti-aging hair loss).
Effect will be visible to the eye "enjoy the next visit-!" and we have gotten your through well💓

We have more coming in, finished fourth.😄

"Also u get this do not come-'
"The fewer number than usual to grow'
"Hair was thin. '
Glad your voice is coming❤

In addition, such voices. Our customers come to our second
"1 time only, but also grow! so this no longer to '
What?Such a stupid?
It bothers me I'll ~🤣🤣🤣It's💦

Exposure time over quickly, so
Not even hard-to-book😉

Freed from self with razor
A stress-free life you being sent is.🙌

Also, I now watch ~
SHR hair after a Brazilian wax that you'd‼
♥ He could with conventional light hair removal, and these kind of things are better thanks😍

This story is once again at a later date.

Misawa of Obon (final)

The next day is a visit P-CHAN's friends😊

In our wedding speech
Place lol? Laughing? The elbowing at Namioka's was overpriced.

Liquor store there. Took off the😁👌

Visit the incense agemashitara,
On the altar and wonder what was then offering🤔

Namioka-San, "or what is it? "And, or"Lotus stem'‼
Ancestors, this Lotus stalks to stick, so I come to😊

Get lecture here at the Convention of various Bon Misawa, also, a bit smarter? The Morioka came back.😅

Have touched on the spirit of respect to ancestors and asked the meaning of all things Japanese.
Almost gone stiff💓It was the summer holidays and😊

Bon Misawa part 2

Misawa's famous "rose baked' to eat after a family visit with P-CHAN and his son Shota" red goodwill ' to move😊

Is a specialty of the original rose won the B-class gourmet‼

So I go J Soul Brothers ELLY also born in Misawa, eat well and is food for the soul of the Misawa😁

After the "rose baked' is now, your grave‼
It was a drizzly cold day ~😭
Grave, the suhool baseball two years ago it was joined with coater-slightly Takuma go I got-💓

After his grave.
Visit P-CHAN's garlic drying shed😊

2I now have a nice L-class seed garlic-💓
The seeded 9 / P-CHAN,😊

We made toast at Misawa specialty burdock Tempura shrimp at night.😄

Bon Misawa part 1

About myself is...
P-CHAN's parents went to his grave, from being married to that tray for the first time in😊

I was raised in a Christian University as the Obon events totally your rim was a mysterious experience interested curious😄

Misawa home, was to offering something like this⤵

Seeing both sides put into the cucumber and eggplant, but chopsticks 4 with legs? "pupu.💦Food and fun too ~😁"And I thought😅

What for?⁉
And search P-CHAN

Horse's cucumber garnish

Do cow's ornament

It is indicative.

To welcome the ancestors and say why you like this has in the form of an animal, sometimes on horseback, coming soon! ~💓

During the back to ride the bull, it slowly while enjoying the scenery on the way back to💓

Let beef offerings there, please-with so we have to😊

Think you already know that.
Also, one the wiser now! ~😅
Japan Customs is funny!😁

Next year is a horse like Genie (, UMA) Let's make up?⁉⤵

The band sound of the Bremen😁

Changes in the holidays

Initially, 8/15 and 8/19 for trip postponement was was going to break the normal operation it became😊

If you now, there is a whole day free, on this occasion slowly Este SHR full body hair removal new menu, a bust, or reservations are accepted.💓

We look forward to booking😊

Text and images, all involved💦😭
At the morning market in the port of mutsu‼Natural sea-squirt one Kameyama Yen
Big size‼😍😍😍
It was a fiery texture👌

Party at Misawa

Is the synchronization of the beauty school "arsoatlandit K" the attended the 15th anniversary party😊

Make show and Convention 泡date, children's piano music, from beginning to end at home was a peaceful party.💓

In the lottery,💄Was my😄

[Continue is power]
15✨✨✨I also try hard filter I and‼
In Leno's Morishita was very cute, with lower💓


8Is a holiday of the month

From today for four days, Morioka Sansa dance.😊

From the old racing abandoned near the shop,
Toward evening, and with a distinctive "saccolachoiwayasse" on the wind music of drums and whistles can hear and it was very busy ~ ~💓

I didn't even though during the treatment,
One dancing I would want to
Morioka's short summers make what you want sounds to😊

The introduction is too long.

[August holiday]
4Day (Friday)
13Day (Sunday)-14, (Monday)
18Day (Friday)-19, (Saturday)


Old Racecourse station site
Was mowing, but only the front of the shop, why? Little leaves😅
I forgot the?⁉🤣