Combined benefits of waxing and hair removal SHR speed

9Nearing has been more and more later,‼
Today tie marks are noticeable at this time
Hi-Fi delicacy of autumn😅

Splendor-SHR hair removal a advance 5 months after the
We have more and more customers have felt the effect😍

In the summer, had a visit with waxing your is
So you definitely see SHR speed hair"with recommended we✨✨✨

SHR (high hair) varies in many ways and classic Epilator‼

Combined with the good thing about part 1 "can illuminate even grows the hair too! "
? ...🤔It is to a lot of light ever dark pigment of the hair on the heat,
It was mainstream to hair loss, given the damage to the hair follicles.

SHR high hair, black hair, as well as
Heat and heat pores can hair grows to the next, can be debilitating.

Can be irradiated, even without the hairs after waxing,
I can get sound effects😉👍

Combined with the good thing about part 2 "your pain is less.
This relationship approach to SHR, said Mao.
Thank you reacts to black classic Epilator if carries heat to the hair follicles, accompanied by pain.
SHR high hair loss is possible to radiation to the skin after waxing, so
Dramatically lower your pain by light irradiation😄👍

Combined with the good thing about part 3 "also difficult to handle self can be hair firmly.
Vio especially IO line and the nape of the neck, on your own self treatment and hard to place,
So can shed the SHR high-speed hair removal from clean hair with wax
You can prevent skin trouble by self‼

So can a lasting smooth after waxing with
Not even a nasty sense of self after such as razors coming out scratchy😉

* Customers to experience the Brazilian wax, that slick smooth feel a sense
Pretreatment also to light hair removal
Many feel resistance to Vio shaving razors and shavers😅

SHR high-speed hair removal with wax well together, let us aim to smooth skin✨✨✨

Volunteer at a children's dining room

Morioka Mite Lions Club Sponsored
I've participated in volunteer activities to prepare children's cafeterias.😊

Today, i helped you make a goofy because it's on the shore.😉
I'd say volunteering.
This is a cooking studio just like this.
I've been taught the taste of the restaurant.💓

Apron in my triangle...
P-chan will be the first to see💦😅

[P-chan's boyaki]
Born with ancient ancient DNA
Woman's instinct to do housework...
Even though it's a maternal instinct...
It's me who ignores it and lives.
How many times have I been reborn?
When will it be easy?

The story was greatly off...
The children behaved in great joy,
I was parked !😄


It's gorgeous.😄

Can i help you once a month?⁉

I was just taught to serve by Mr. Takeda.😊

Bush River at mushroom gathering

I'm going to have a day off today.
I've been walking to Yabugawa.😊

The mountain grape of the real life is poor.😭
P-chan instead, gedd akebi😅

Mushroom's Main Life💓
Discovery of the Phantom Yamabushitake😍😍😍
It's a mushroom that can't be said to be strange and captivating.😊

Surrounded by the negative ions of nature...
It was a happy holiday.💓

It is the soup of a lot of mushrooms and the potato.😊
Here's to the blessings of the great outdoors in Iwate.🍻
This harvest is...
Amitake, Boli, Numelisgitake, Yamabushitake~

Dainty "Colchicum" story is suspicious

The other day, I always stopped by on Line 4, "Kozuya", "Kozuya" was selling "Corticam" bulbs, so I bought immediately😊

A few days later, it bloomed beautifully in the planter!💓

4When i'm driving along the line, this season, "Corticam" is in turmoil.‼

The origin of the flower word of 'Corticam'
My best days are gone.

What⁉What a sad flower word!⁉😭
If you think,
Since [Corticam] blooms in autumn,
It seems to be a thing to regret the days of the summer which passed by...
I see. I think I understand.💦😭

In addition, one thing is "dangerous beauty"
The flower word is
It seems to have been caused by "Corticam" to be a poisonous plant which blooms beautiful flowers.😆

Suspiciously attractive "Corticam"
Is one of my most favorite flowers💓

By the way, the birth flower of "Corticam"
9The celebrity who was born on July 21
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

That's it.🤔

Today is mendssplandour open!

Today is Daikichi Day, which overlaps with the day of the amnesty and the day of the ten thousand times.😄

What is Amnesty Day?⁉
It is assumed that the hundred gods ascend to heaven, and the heaven forgives all the sins of all things, and it is the best daikichi day. Therefore, it is said that it is a day when it is assumed that it is "All-good", and it is a valuable opening day only five to six times a year.✨✨✨

In addition, today's "one grain of more than a million times a day" overlaps,
Only one grain of rice is paid to fruit,
It means that it will eventually become a golden ear.‼

So, on the two opening days
It was a carry to open 'Men's Splandur'😄

Because there are a lot of shy men of Morioka,
I don't think i'll ever go to a salon like this.😅

However, if you are a man (husband, family, boyfriend, co-worker) and have trouble with hair,


The hair removal method is also considered by men who are vulnerable to pain,
There is a collaboration with the latest SHR hair loss and Wax hair loss, too.‼

The homepage is also under renewal,
Hot Pepper Beauty details😊

You can also make a reservation here!

Wax master road Northeast workshop day

9/14 We celebrated the last day!
3Thank you for days, Dr. Takashi Itoh,😄
Our team Hachinohe, very thank you‼

Final is & beard mens Brazilian practice seminars😊

Mens Brazilian.
A scene may not be very rarely in daily life
Here is a working-💦😅
Seriously will see only the hair flow
All the tension.‼
Models around it from the
The cheer of "ten Shaheen' (lol)

Beard is more than 1 weeks
Who turns only three days until the day off today after work,
Those who want to design of the beard,
Each got their experience
I did so, even short-haired so pain take to minimize‼
Surprise was😳😳😳

Men's troubles

* Dark hair
* Stuffiness, itching, odor
* Hair entrapment-related
* Tangle of toilet paper for toilet
* Wipe the toilet during preparation
A filthy thing
* Tingling of self

Women waxing the V I O
A growing number are now men and hair loss‼

Such men only know trouble
Once settlement is hair removal Wax worthy way.😉👌

Beard hair popular in street
To make your pain to weak men is recommended😄

Sense of wonder and sneaked out this thick whiskers😳

Ladies and gentlemen, and I dust three days between the tired thank you😊
Takumi way Wax, unveiled at the Salon immediately! ~💓

Launch of the Hachinohe 6 Sen in😄

Wax master road Northeast workshop the second day

Heartlimrball Wax master road Northeast Wax workshops, second day of the men's model, I to cooperation, leg-arm-aside-was back training course😄

So trainer workshop teaching the Wax this time.
Great part of the night and changed the
His face is all serious💦

In excitement, wrapped in the scent of cherry blossom, with sweat, while it ~ ~😄

Wax hurts💦Reverse the image
The softness of the warmth of human skin, peeled
Scented with an aroma like Utley
Nothing is everything it's Wax⁉⁉⁉😳

Those who want to experience the contact awaits💓

Otsuka easily.

Wax master road Northeast workshop day

Heartlimrball Wax master road Northeast Wax workshops, day one😄
More Kumamoto Takashi Wax Emperor of the world teacher
Please I received a Hachinohe💓😊

China's big poor rorpre I💦😅
So the tension too should no picture🤣

Is the Wax of the artisan way domestically, pain is minimal.‼
This time I voluntarily back model.

Wax hurts💦Image is
Skin around the comfort of warmth,
When peeled softness was the first experience😊

Part of the night was by example.💓
The strongest team Hachinohe,...😁

I become a chick chick