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Current open 13 years with Japan waksarsproduction certified trainers for wax hair removal
Experience like no other with SHR hair removal the most recent menu
T customers are friends of my dear, Nobuko
Always thank you * /(^o^)/*

Earlier today, I always have got responsible for her Tokyo trip, so I was in charge I ^ ^

Feeling no body hair ~ the T customer
From February of this year, first of all, let's take it from the whiskers.
Called by the ever high speed hair seven times.
This is the fourth wax hair removal results ↓
(Today I Wax hair removal.)

Photos on the online first in February when photos
Below is a picture today Wax hair removal was immediately!

On: 6/10 The high-speed hair removal with the Whats left intact 1 week.
Under: The depilatory Wax today shortly after photos!

In just four months so the hair weak, thin now!
Hair loss speed and collaboration skills of domestic Wax worthy way is * /(^o^)/*

T customers also runs such a beard at a rapid pace!
And it is * /(^o^)/*

Oh yes, always take the painful questions.
Because it was the first such as needle-like beard
At least there was pain.

In quantity and quality and razor today
Customer stories
"Be the first that I have? Such was a pain, but now, why-I Zen's not! No tingling sounds Rhone to! I would like to recommend to everyone-' right? ^ _-!

Beard were removed
Give up mode but u don't grow.(^ Mike ^)-☆ tatemae
It came up and bit you want to come from(^^;; Truth