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Current open 13 years with Japan waksarsproduction certified trainers for wax hair removal
Experience like no other with SHR hair removal the most recent menu
Y customers come visit us today
In presenting the ball to daughter
Booking by phone ^ ^
Please choose from plenty of Salon
Thank you for * /(^o^)/*

Tall hair is the perfect beauties,
Today, hair removal Wax on the side of the nose hair
After that, enjoyed the experience well beside the speed!

Usually, daughter in commercially available Wax, hair I have so
It is very close with his daughter ~ ^ ^

Look thrilled Wax hair at the Salon for the first time ^ ^
Honey Wax said no long hair, some with
Is checked without touching the hair on the wax and hair removal is difficult.
In the Wax we use domestic artisan way,
Can catch even the short hair so I'm * /(^o^)/*

In good as well as the hair and exfoliates por!
Is under the left side of the Wax has been removed (it is a charcoal Wax)
Right below is the back of the Wax has been removed (look washed out but
Old horny)

Even skin tone one tone, two tone brighter,
It this summer, and Murillo in a tank top, short sleeve-

During a pre-treatment Wax the armpits
Nose hair removal is complete-this is also not at all sore!
And I was impressed with Mr. Y * /(^o^)/*

After the wax finish, with high-speed hair removal.
30 minutes while chatting and have fun. Treatment and even at high speed,
Our busy, very nice menu! ^ ^