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At the Yamada Funakoshi!
First is fishing much more ^ ^

Midnight 2:00 Morioka departure and 5:00 Inari Maru boat was ^ ^;

My adoration of the morning is far life is...
Gentle waves, while lovable ^ ^

ISOM also what part!
Anchored to the dumpling-shaped isomer fishing ~
And I-I'm trolling-^ ^;
UV protection Pat! But it is...
No longer is anyone?
In the land, I 職質 it ~ ^ ^;

Is my first catch.
15 Higley
Marbled sole pleuronectes yokohamae one

Inari Maru 80-year-old boatman
Welcome to photomaniajp(^ Mike ^)-☆

Since the fishing
I've been totally addicted to the charm of fishing-
What is * /(^ o ^)/*