How do you do the fishing.

At the Yamada Funakoshi!
First is fishing much more ^ ^

Midnight 2:00 Morioka departure and 5:00 Inari Maru boat was ^ ^;

My adoration of the morning is far life is...
Gentle waves, while lovable ^ ^

ISOM also what part!
Anchored to the dumpling-shaped isomer fishing ~
And I-I'm trolling-^ ^;
UV protection Pat! But it is...
No longer is anyone?
In the land, I 職質 it ~ ^ ^;

Is my first catch.
15 Higley
Marbled sole pleuronectes yokohamae one

Inari Maru 80-year-old boatman
Welcome to photomaniajp(^ Mike ^)-☆

Since the fishing
I've been totally addicted to the charm of fishing-
What is * /(^ o ^)/*

Armpit hair removal

Y customers come visit us today
In presenting the ball to daughter
Booking by phone ^ ^
Please choose from plenty of Salon
Thank you for * /(^ o ^)/*

Tall hair is the perfect beauties,
Today, hair removal Wax on the side of the nose hair
After that, enjoyed the experience well beside the speed!

Usually, daughter in commercially available Wax, hair I have so
It is very close with his daughter ~ ^ ^

Look thrilled Wax hair at the Salon for the first time ^ ^
Honey Wax said no long hair, some with
Is checked without touching the hair on the wax and hair removal is difficult.
In the Wax we use domestic artisan way,
Can catch even the short hair so I'm * /(^ o ^)/*

In good as well as the hair and exfoliates por!
Is under the left side of the Wax has been removed (it is a charcoal Wax)
Right below is the back of the Wax has been removed (look washed out but
Old horny)

Even skin tone one tone, two tone brighter,
It this summer, and Murillo in a tank top, short sleeve-

During a pre-treatment Wax the armpits
Nose hair removal is complete-this is also not at all sore!
And I was impressed with Mr. Y * /(^ o ^)/*

After the wax finish, with high-speed hair removal.
30 minutes while chatting and have fun. Treatment and even at high speed,
Our busy, very nice menu! ^ ^

Beard hair

T customers are friends of my dear, Nobuko
Always thank you * /(^ o ^)/*

Earlier today, I always have got responsible for her Tokyo trip, so I was in charge I ^ ^

Feeling no body hair ~ the T customer
From February of this year, first of all, let's take it from the whiskers.
Called by the ever high speed hair seven times.
This is the fourth wax hair removal results ↓
(Today I Wax hair removal.)

Photos on the online first in February when photos
Below is a picture today Wax hair removal was immediately!

On: 6/10 The high-speed hair removal with the Whats left intact 1 week.
Under: The depilatory Wax today shortly after photos!

In just four months so the hair weak, thin now!
Hair loss speed and collaboration skills of domestic Wax worthy way is * /(^ o ^)/*

T customers also runs such a beard at a rapid pace!
And it is * /(^ o ^)/*

Oh yes, always take the painful questions.
Because it was the first such as needle-like beard
At least there was pain.

In quantity and quality and razor today
Customer stories
"Be the first that I have? Such was a pain, but now, why-I Zen's not! No tingling sounds Rhone to! I would like to recommend to everyone-' right? ^ _-!

Beard were removed
Give up mode but u don't grow.(^ Mike ^)-☆ tatemae
It came up and bit you want to come from(^^;; Truth

Brazilian style

Morioka with the rainy, chilly day continues.
What you doing? ^ ^

From me once in a while to talk about treatment.
Today, the T's first visit
Thank you for your visit!(o ^ ^ o)
In the us, know our
And sometime. I'm likely led to this day ^ ^

Menu is the Brazilian wax(o ^ ^ o)
Watching me through word of mouth.
(Plenty of buzz, in this case, borrow
Thank you for your(^ Mike ^)-☆)

What is the wax with minimal pain?
Domestic waxing? Approach to the darkening?
I would like...-
Where to go in only one place, but
Let's go!

As a result, easier than easy.
With confidence!
It is enough to be real, it doesn't hurt.(^^;;
Curl lashes had been more than
I hastily added to the menu.
Total and chatted while also is finishing a one hour!
It's! It's fast! Haijinina-cute! Beautiful!
Self-congratulatory (lol)

The rise of Mrs T, zlpicanonhair and lashes
I was very impressed with(o ^ ^ o)

Hair survey
From the man wanted in the slick! With voice, the majority!
In the intense heat coming from this event
Caring for the lower, why not start in earnest

Let the Brazilian splendor.(^ _-)-☆

A couple visit is greatly appreciated!

In the Salon Board, telephone, etc.
Mimshitr book of recent...
Come visit us in a couple of Diwali. We have been more and more ^ ^

For instance...
1. My daughter's father and high school students
2. Mother and daughter (adults & students)
3. 20Teen-couples in their 30's
4. Her boyfriend and his girlfriend
5. My son's mother and high school students

No menu? Of what to do?
Splendor, as well as treatment of men and women,
P teacher of men for men customers.
Ladies, I do Cape-Chan will be responsible for!

The men's Favorites
1.Beard hair
2. Short hair
3. V IO hair loss

1.Will not be freed from the daily razor?
2.This summer in Turpin, short 履kemasu bread!!
3.Keeps the need(^^;

It looks like this ↓

In our women's
Offer a menu of unique splendor because
Detail is also in opportunities * /(^ o ^)/*

By S visit today.
Received a nice present for the Grand opening celebration(o ^ ^ o)
Thank you very much!

Always fun talk on the shooting method to forget
S like Eyelash hair growth effect, God no!
No longer the mascara(^^;;

Even talking about this later.(^^;;