Looking back on the summer of the year





巣作りに興味津々なイケメンズ 笑
とパチリ^ ^

写真右のコウタ君も一昨年の高校球児でした^ ^

私を『やすこさん』と呼んでくれます 笑


Men's hair removal

Recently, thanks to the increase in the number of men's customers ^ ^

2Men's hair loss that i was introduced from two years ago
The husband, colleagues, and sons of splandur customers come to the store.
Thank you always*(^o^)/*

Once you come to the store and experience hair loss, you'll be addicted lol

Mr. T who came to the beard hair loss
It was a simultaneous treatment of wax ing and high-speed hair removal.
It was my first experience, and i was impressed by the finish ^ ^

The beards that were removed were f^_^ like porcupines.;
In collaboration with wax ing and high-speed hair loss, the speed at which the beard grows is greatly reduced.

This is a high school student of tennis boy.
In the club activity, but i'm sunburned to black so that i can clearly understand the traces of socks,
In Splandur, you can hair loss without any problems!
(Of course, in the condition of burns, but i can not operate f^_^;

After smoothing with domestic wax,
You can hair removal at high speed!
Collaboration menu unique to Splandur emanating beautiful skin
Smooth men's rapid increase ~
Please try it by all means ^ ^




しかも背丈が短めのチビクロちゃんです^ ^

添え木までしてくれて、大きく育ててくれました 笑

鑑賞しにいらしてくださいね~^ ^

Beard Hair Loss

Mr. Y of the visit today
He's a dandy athlete. Lol.
I have you come to the hair removal from early spring with a lovely young lady ^ ^

This is the third time wax hair removal of the beard
This is the fifth time high-speed hair loss has been

Compared to the first time, the amount of hair is clearly reduced.(o^^o)
The part of the neck is the hair flow of the right diagonal,
I hear that shaving every morning was hard.(^^;)

Today, I also did high-speed hair loss after Wax hair removal!
Forget taking pictures of Biforafter... Sorry(^^;)

It's just a copy of your beard,
Thanks to you for stretching for a week at bon holidays,
I'm sorry, i was finishing 30 minutes with a beard Wax!
There is somewhat of a pain,
Sometimes, it was aroma healing time that i was taking a rest ^ ^

Splandur wax
I use the wax of the domestic product made to match the delicate skin of the Japanese
The sense of pain, each person ...
Surrounded by the scent of cherry blossoms, depending on the site... Lol
Relaxation time to fall asleep unintentionally
Please try it once by all means ^ ^

Tanned skin is also okay hair loss!

It was very hot in Morioka this year!(^^;;
When it's gone, I miss that heat.

Belated, wonderfully tanned of the customer's hair loss
It's an introduction ^ ^

Cute H-sama
I went to the sea in Akita again this year ^ ^
A few days later...

It is a play with The Heavenly Road...(o^^o)
Oh, if I can, I'd like to take a bath in the sun to my heart's throw.
Thinking that...
I have a troublesome skin quality...

It's always like this

It's all about...
Customers who have been refused hair loss because of sunburn, it is a must-see!

Even if you have been refused hair loss due to tanned skin or dark skin until now, you can remove hair with peace of mind because it is irradiated regardless of melanin pigment if SHR hair loss!

For some reason, it is not hair loss that accumulates heat in the hair follicles and causes damage and reacts to melanin pigment, so it does not depend on the color or skin quality of the skin, nor does it damage the skin around it!

Moreover, since domestic Brazilian wax [Takumido] can also be treated at the same time, the whole body is smooth everywhere *(^o^)/*