Nape of the neck hair removal

During the hot season popular neck hair removal!

To answer your request
Waxing and
We offer set menus.


Taking the old calloused skin and lanugo, Turpin is ^ ^

Today's customer

• Face skin care hair loss(WAX hair removal)
-Nape hair loss
Curl eyelashes

With a special three-piece set case
Omni-perfect beauty.(*^ o ^ *)

Armpit hair removal

Y customers come visit us today
In presenting the ball to daughter
Booking by phone ^ ^
Please choose from plenty of Salon
Thank you for * /(^o^)/*

Tall hair is the perfect beauties,
Today, hair removal Wax on the side of the nose hair
After that, enjoyed the experience well beside the speed!

Usually, daughter in commercially available Wax, hair I have so
It is very close with his daughter ~ ^ ^

Look thrilled Wax hair at the Salon for the first time ^ ^
Honey Wax said no long hair, some with
Is checked without touching the hair on the wax and hair removal is difficult.
In the Wax we use domestic artisan way,
Can catch even the short hair so I'm * /(^o^)/*

In good as well as the hair and exfoliates por!
Is under the left side of the Wax has been removed (it is a charcoal Wax)
Right below is the back of the Wax has been removed (look washed out but
Old horny)

Even skin tone one tone, two tone brighter,
It this summer, and Murillo in a tank top, short sleeve-

During a pre-treatment Wax the armpits
Nose hair removal is complete-this is also not at all sore!
And I was impressed with Mr. Y * /(^o^)/*

After the wax finish, with high-speed hair removal.
30 minutes while chatting and have fun. Treatment and even at high speed,
Our busy, very nice menu! ^ ^

Brazilian style

Morioka with the rainy, chilly day continues.
What you doing? ^ ^

From me once in a while to talk about treatment.
Today, the T's first visit
Thank you for your visit!(o ^ ^ o)
In the us, know our
And sometime. I'm likely led to this day ^ ^

Menu is the Brazilian wax(o ^ ^ o)
Watching me through word of mouth.
(Plenty of buzz, in this case, borrow
Thank you for your(^ Mike ^)-☆)

What is the wax with minimal pain?
Domestic waxing? Approach to the darkening?
I would like...-
Where to go in only one place, but
Let's go!

As a result, easier than easy.
With confidence!
It is enough to be real, it doesn't hurt.(^^;;
Curl lashes had been more than
I hastily added to the menu.
Total and chatted while also is finishing a one hour!
It's! It's fast! Haijinina-cute! Beautiful!
Self-congratulatory (lol)

The rise of Mrs T, zlpicanonhair and lashes
I was very impressed with(o ^ ^ o)

Hair survey
From the man wanted in the slick! With voice, the majority!
In the intense heat coming from this event
Caring for the lower, why not start in earnest

Let the Brazilian splendor.(^ _-)-☆

Deriso don't know your world

A catch phrase and
Grogram featured recently, time Magazine [O g g i] ^ ^
[Deriso] = delicate zone:
Thus, penetrates into the world, I am overjoyed(^ Mike ^)-☆

[Deriso] troubles is the oldest Wax? Lol
Let splendor!
Wax can be introduced from early Dec-

Still popular No.1, V I O hair
Dan by far the most popular menu is ^ o ^
Off Suite No.2 is your face skin care hair removal-
(『Tokyo menu is also here, but for more info later ^ _-!)

Women articles with troubles with the delicate zone is over 9 percent.
The darkening of your skin after waxing the notice.
Fresh problems broke out.(≧ ∀ ≦)
But please leave!

I'm splendor Wax hair removal "road worthy" is not just hair!

Takumi way merchandise is a sensitive part of the female-friendly design
"Focuses on the high-cost absorption rate"mucosa",
Meticulous composition

"Due to friction is a cream used to finish what trouble has been an effective use!

-Only the invisible part of etiquette
Is a testament to the adult female ^ o ^

Customers from Kumamoto

The other day, from Kumamoto, Inc. Stella Ito and his wife is,
I came all the way to the Morioka😊

Miho teacher's first Morioka‼
In the say and do not know the world of sub-zero temperatures.
They keep threatening, we welcome you (lol)

Involved in the development of hair removal Wax
Top reader‼
Home page click here ↓

Splendor uses "road worthy" merchandise than last year.😊
The pain eased significantly compared to the previous‼And
It is the voice of the customer😄

Domestically produced there, wrapped in aroma scent of cherry blossoms,
Relax ~
Brazilian Wax are finished in a short time‼
And after the moist smooth
Unintentionally... Your wedding feel like to become.😅

I will introduce the pretty Miho teacher ~😄
Face tends to up's got‼
I pull behind quite a bit.😅🤣

C. close, so close to the age difference between husband and wife⁉
The couples friends we😊

Where hospitality is still "basket hardest' of it, right?😊

"Basket" for Manager terui Jin-CHAN‼
I and my childhood ~😊
You behaving generously, so ladies and gentlemen, by all means
"Hardest basket" is, please ~💓
Staff atmosphere, food nor drink it's also your personality.
Great shop! ~😄👌

Your facial skin care Wax hair removal

Your face skin care Wax hair-removal.
The Wax has been removed before her to some passing.

Saki-Chan I I (laughs)
I was making this funny art😁

Cape, great sense of humor I'm-🤣🤣🤣

But I know well and up to
Also the fine downy hair catches.‼
The makeup easy batch😄👍

Nose hair firmly, I got taken to
After SUSU's nose is better,
This is one of the menus yamitsuki👌

The nostrils of fortune in the doorway, so
Seems to come is nose and luck⁉
Let's care attention! ~☺

Before the coming of age ceremony before taking the skin care Wax hair removal recommended.!

Recently, only private NetA, so
The topics are also being properly performed seriously.😅

Recently, before the coming of age ceremony of customers has been increasing😊
Congratulations to adult👘

And remain in the picture as the memories of a lifetime
To the corner, we'd like to.
In a mother with her daughter as I would❤

M from taking such ceremony earlier today, ago you come
Rosary is an attractive woman☺

Front and nape of the neck and shot by and peeked in through your long-sleeved dress neckline
Because it is up to your face skin care hair removal.
I curl my eyelashes.😊

Pull skin care hair loss from hair follicles, so
I'm a few weeks smooth.
So, of course, and down at the same time old
Get clear skin‼
Lotion's penetration rate is 4-5 times higher i.e.,
Goodbye to dull ~ ~
Before the make-up on the day of shooting is perfectly easy.😉👌

So I was very😄✌
It took before the ceremony.
Fuzz face comes to mind, even I! ~
The up on your work, so get bothered by the nape of the neck.
In addition, your worries about holders of's.
Chock-full of plenty of good news‼
Contact alone. That's okay‼
We are listed on the menu, so
Please contact us at😊

Using the artisan way Sakura purely Wax
So many pulling out, there is pain, of course?
The array? Not hurt.😲

Even the Chief Conference topic.

The other day, in Chief Conference mens Brazilian stores rare survey and was😊

I did a TV show for the first time, but
In the place has become a hot topic and relay,
Stating that further interaction with the public.‼

From the treatment actually mens Brazilian side, we see
This is not a theme settings fail?⁉And... Lol
Limits of television-relaying porori. It would be😭😅
Secretly I hyahya.💦😅

BTW, have you heard that Heidi men?⁉
While still in this industry and I didn't.😅

Heidi, girl of the Alps slap Clara⁉
I⁉Heidi's tutorial⁉
Not only your imagination around me.😅

If 調bemashitara, Heidi and otherwise, came from "hygiene"
Haijinina-refers the slick that zones of different body hairs.
Heidi men raised from the
Haijinina-(haijinina-a State in lower no fangs at all)
So I'm of male hair loss.😁

In fact, our men's hair removal popular No. 1 is beard hair
Is a popular menu behind the beard hair ViO hair loss for men😄👌

To hair and Brazilian waxing in VIO of
Increasingly now seen in normal times.
Cleanliness is the best‼

Says Chief's men, as all basis because of the need to⁉At least I think, but
As female Brazilian wax so boom right now.
And where once the experience.

It is quite comfortable.✨💓✨💓✨

Was matsuko Conference, quite painful reaction
It is not far from😅

Then use domestically wax has just announced the other day in the beauty world West
Because it will considerably reduce the pain, please try our😄

Wax master road Northeast workshop day

9/14 We celebrated the last day!
3Thank you for days, Dr. Takashi Itoh,😄
Our team Hachinohe, very thank you‼

Final is & beard mens Brazilian practice seminars😊

Mens Brazilian.
A scene may not be very rarely in daily life
Here is a working-💦😅
Seriously will see only the hair flow
All the tension.‼
Models around it from the
The cheer of "ten Shaheen' (lol)

Beard is more than 1 weeks
Who turns only three days until the day off today after work,
Those who want to design of the beard,
Each got their experience
I did so, even short-haired so pain take to minimize‼
Surprise was😳😳😳

Men's troubles

* Dark hair
* Stuffiness, itching, odor
* Hair entrapment-related
* Tangle of toilet paper for toilet
* Wipe the toilet during preparation
A filthy thing
* Tingling of self

Women waxing the V I O
A growing number are now men and hair loss‼

Such men only know trouble
Once settlement is hair removal Wax worthy way.😉👌

Beard hair popular in street
To make your pain to weak men is recommended😄

Sense of wonder and sneaked out this thick whiskers😳

Ladies and gentlemen, and I dust three days between the tired thank you😊
Takumi way Wax, unveiled at the Salon immediately! ~💓

Launch of the Hachinohe 6 Sen in😄

Wax master road Northeast workshop the second day

Heartlimrball Wax master road Northeast Wax workshops, second day of the men's model, I to cooperation, leg-arm-aside-was back training course😄

So trainer workshop teaching the Wax this time.
Great part of the night and changed the
His face is all serious💦

In excitement, wrapped in the scent of cherry blossom, with sweat, while it ~ ~😄

Wax hurts💦Reverse the image
The softness of the warmth of human skin, peeled
Scented with an aroma like Utley
Nothing is everything it's Wax⁉⁉⁉😳

Those who want to experience the contact awaits💓

Otsuka easily.