Wax master road Northeast workshop day

Heartlimrball Wax master road Northeast Wax workshops, day one😄
More Kumamoto Takashi Wax Emperor of the world teacher
Please I received a Hachinohe💓😊

China's big poor rorpre I💦😅
So the tension too should no picture🤣

Is the Wax of the artisan way domestically, pain is minimal.‼
This time I voluntarily back model.

Wax hurts💦Image is
Skin around the comfort of warmth,
When peeled softness was the first experience😊

Part of the night was by example.💓
The strongest team Hachinohe,...😁

Bridal Wax hair removal

Visit us today for W
Wedding beauty treatment for the wedding next weekend is the😊

Nape of the neck-back-back-arm-aside wax hair removal we.💓

Wax hair removal?
In situ immediately become beautiful👌
Calluses with a downy hair, so
Is a smooth shiny‼
I said with skin care hair removal!😊

Finally in the placenta Este is‼
Tightening the face line
The birth of a more beautiful bride ~😍😍😍

Thus, from the splendour
Beautiful bride please let me sent over and over again, I'm glad to💓

Happy ~ ~😍😍😍
Be a bust before the wedding! ~ ~😊
This is also to avoid is lifting with a jerk👌
The perfect😄👌

Open since the popular Salon menu.

Even now, a 12-year-old,
Real estate popular Salon menu😊

Guests, dressed in our
There are many great while using grain water steamer
Massage your face and neck.
While healing music
(Great grain water), wrapped in the negative ion
It is very good😍

Then, pack of charcoal and pine Yani, facial mites and will remove the old dead skin and lanugo.

Next in line is in Royal Jelly Pack
Lift up your face!

In Okinawa after the hot wax and cold deep sea water gel

W-like wedding West course,
Siasia holiday time!
To wake up more and more in beautiful up😉👌

Try and experience the finest healing ~ ~😊

Pack of pine Yani and charcoal

Royal Jelly Pack

Relax Wax no pain

General incorporated association Japan prowaksars Academy
1 certified instructor workshops
Okayama-5 days was successfully completed😊

Academic training and examination in the beauty and deep extremes
Technical training is adhering to the hand-made made in Japan
Peace of mind products of Materia...💙[Takumi road]💙

Image Brazilian and wax, "hurt"😅
Is this Wax is a surprise‼
Your whiskers to feel the pain and the Brazilian is a pretty good news! ~😍😍😍

Day and evening lecture-lol
Is everyone serious about learning and play😄
Giving a 5-day learning opportunities
Our teacher very much,
Thank you very much😄

Tonight is a local ball I got introduced to the teacher "also was cause ' at the Hachinohe team‼
Horse sashimi is delicious ~😍😍😍
Also I treat the cause, thank you‼
Okayama best💕💕💕

From now on, return to the Morioka✈
New [worthy ways] to Wax and enjoy ~💕💕💕

wax workshop in Tokyo

WAX XXX refresh courses in Tokyo

Came to participate in the workshop of the matsulwalktrytoment approach to the fascia, venous flow,😊

Lift up facial hair loss combined with a further small face effect✨✨✨

Immediately, we incorporated into the Salon menu, so stay tuned💕💕💕

Nape of the neck hair removal

Today your lucky day was like, yesterday the was book of the nape of the neck hair removal😊

Nape hair, that is worn and wear of this photo to the‼

And not from going to great pains still, kimono wearing, beautiful neckline😉
Please leave here so easily in your own care and hard-😊

My previous job, I was a kimono Advisor, was a life of about 15 years, so job I would read about here😅

xxx wax is a hair loss as well as remove old dead skin, so nape of the neck is tsurtsulpicapica✨✨✨
Japan kimono girls are beautiful.😍😍😍

Armpit hair removal

9Mr. K, visit
Visit us, thank you for always(*^ ▽ ^ *)

Come to the store and
"Some days ago, accidentally got shaved armpit hair, maybe not today, maybe ~(≧ ∀ ≦)"
The "be-I. Somehow you guys ^ _-! "

Say and in the armpit hair removal & nose hair & Eyelash curl 3-point at the same time treatment starts!
Travel time is 1 hour.
In our busy arekore simultaneously clean become so
Popular(o ^ ^ o)

But I forgot take pictures of eyelashes
We curl even larger big brown eyes, cute looks(*^ ▽ ^ *)

You wish at the same time treatment, fill in the remarks column thereof, and
Please respond to ad-hoc ^ _-!

Hair removal men beard

Unshaven face trouble every morning men's hair at once,
2-For 8 weeks I want to slick it naturally?😉

Today the K's visit was that person.

Our skin care wax hair removal
Even in this short-haired, catches the‼
There are some differences, but
K like starting out the day 4.

Especially beard is the place in the body especially hair is thick and dark, of course, high technology is essential.

In addition, after using waxes enters the finest moisturizers that lanolin, so your skin clean smooth✨✨✨

There is somewhat of a pain,
Compared to the exhilarating feeling that (laughs) what
I just can't stop ~ unstoppable ~

Skin care wax mustache hair ~
Menu is pretty😊

2/7 That was of

Splendeur at of.😊
To attend beauty school friends came from Hachinohe‼

From the classroom in the morning and then eat with Soba shops near Yamato Iori's practice start‼
Contributed by friends of my agony,⁉
(Oh, it don't hurt! ~😅)
Do while also successfully completed ~

After Turpin's✨✨✨
Is eliminated in the unwanted hair troubles and in-situ‼
Delicate zone is fast and beautiful
Celebrities, models and I finished grade skin body✨✨✨

skin care hair removal wax xxx
It's not just hair removal‼

Come, please join experience & school-😉

Sequel to the meeting of friends who become a model
I'm looking forward to (laughs)

Men's eyebrow hair removal

Twink's us visit from Tokyo to Morioka encouraged mother home when the😊
Hair removal skin care eyebrows first try I got‼

Is trim eyebrows yourself, very difficult⁉
And hard around the eyebrows, so called face frame is critical enough, too much especially set up for men, too funny I think😅

Only a small amount, is the refreshing feeling of mossari‼
that's not just hair removal wax xxx‼
And remove old dead skin around the eyes is spread-I and bright highlights turn to now😄

... And that kind of cheeks became so concerned about the treatment. Finish is slightly pink❤❤❤

Also, during the homecoming, come visit us! ~😍😍😍