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Current open 13 years with Japan waksarsproduction certified trainers for wax hair removal
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WAX hair removal

WAX hair removal
Customers suffer from unwanted hair or skin recommended!
It is accomplished the amazing evolution advanced waxing skin care waxing can be that the purpose of the "hair-pulling" a wax of traditional as well as skin care at the same time.

WAX-Takumi road-

Splendeur's [WAX-master road-] that utilizes leading-edge WAX.
Soft, skin-friendly, Japan's first domestically produced WAX. Please immerse yourself in it.

Technology grant "MADE IN JAPAN", and pride
Japan to continue to study, according to the delicate skin of the Japanese technology "road worthy" series. Speaking, three types of wax according to the condition of the hair and body parts.
It is first thought that the skin, preservatives and mineral-derived ingredients such as any without the use of highest quality.


Fresh finest skin, you want to touch
Need skin on skin with wax hair removal treatment while leaving plenty of moisture, giving a bright translucent skin. Extract from the cherry blossoms with pleasant aroma cleanse both body and mind.
Enjoy the ultimate relaxing so I end up sleeping.

According to the mechanism of the skin care products
"Road worthy" series, focusing on the care after treatment.
Adopt skin lotions and gels private, as well as hair loss leads to skin combines skin effect.

Price list
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A good-value set menus (for the return limited)

Hair loss site


-It is not a permanent hair removal.
-If you have abnormalities in the patch cannot be treated.
-Sometimes after hair removal get redness, tingling, so 5 will be an important-to 7 days prior to treatment.
-Treatment after 1 week should avoid massage, tanning, bedrock bath, sauna, hot, strenuous exercise.
-If 1 week (minimum of 3-4 days) is please visit us without self treatment such as razors. Hair short may not sufficiently effective too.
-No treatment if you are tanned.

People who do not receive treatment

-Children under 7 years old
-How to contact allergies, sensitivities
-People with atopic dermatitis, allergy, eczema and infectious skin diseases now
-For after tanning
-People with inflammatory acne
-Not received when there are skin problems: acne breakouts are made over the entire face.
-Treatments, peels, laser treatments, skin rejuvenation, Tretinoin therapy skin regeneration and Acceleration turnovers that aims will be open before and after two weeks.

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